2016 Carolinas AGC Pinnacle Award Winner

Duke University Chapel Restoration

Comfort Mechanical worked with Romeo Guest (GC) on this iconic structure and landmark for Duke University.

What started as an investigative research by Romeo Guest Associates at the request of Duke University to determine the cause of falling mortar joints in the limestone ribs of the Chapel’s vaulted ceiling, then evolved into a complete restoration. The goal of this project? To retain the overall appearance, elegance and majestic nature of the building while enhancing and updating the building’s structure, materials, systems and technology. Romeo Guest, realizing this was a once-in-a-lifetime project, instilled the attitude that “this job is personal” into all partners involved.

Regarding the mechanical upfit of this project, high volumes of air are required to manage the thermal comfort inside the Chapel—but space was limited for the new air handling units required to service the Chapel. Romeo Guest built full-size mock-ups of the air handling units to ensure their fit within the area provided and to clearly identify existing or proposed utility lines that required relocation.